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Renaissance dentalonger a question does renaissance dental integrate at four weeks if you actually take a closer look using a flat surface this basically show the mineralized bone matrix is in direct contact with the unit life and eight weeks.

renaissance dental
renaissance dental

This continues commercial when I look at that bone to imply contact which is so important for us especially for that primary stability at four weeks this is titanium this is noble pearl like implant and this is just .

Their kony on its own and we look at the bone to implant contact the titanium we get % more both of your plant contact we don’t know the reason why that is but then we also have about to percent bone table contact on the number pearl like influence so it isn’t ridiculous look at the first question that I asked is.

This system predictable what do we know this is dr dre hi everyone hi Dennis yes thanks for coming he has a little baby here and the air Trac she’s been my assistants years ago and she decided to go to hygiene school and she’s studying to be .

A nutritionist so I’m sorry thanks through our influence so is this noble pearl predictable this is a study that looks retrospective fifteen thousand implants that’s a lot we’ve looked at patients that were treated in Europe and it’s .

A retrospective study what does that mean implants were placed and after they were in function they went back and looked at those cases as he which one fails which one day all these implants had a zero fill surface which is.

What he’ll go pearl house and this particular study under the vera field surface they have three different designs they had the original design of