The Best Dental Insurance Georgia

The Best Dental Insurance Georgia


Q: Many people think that their teeth are not beautiful enough. What is the price of dental beauty?

  • The Best Dental Insurance Georgia considerably in the last five years. Teeth whitening ranges from The Best Dental Insurance Georgia .
  • the price of adult orthodontics is 3,800 euros to 92,000 euros; the surface of the teeth is 600 euros to 10,000 euros.
  • After the beauty of the teeth, people can be more confident, but social insurance does not give reimbursement.

  our suggestion:

  •  The dentist is obliged to use the best method to ensure the best treatment results. The doctor in time.
  • just let the dentist open a list of fees. If you want to make a denture, you need to do at least a few.
  • X-rays, and also about the time to do the dental mould, and finally the installation and adjustment.
  • Social insurance and supplementary insurance only reimburse part of the cost of treating dental disease.
  • If the supplemental insurance is good, most of the expenses or even all of them may be reimbursed. 
  • When replacing supplementary insurance, it is necessary to know in advance the reimbursement amount of the.
  • Dental Care is the first private dental insurance in Romania and addresses especially to groups, offering insurers.
  • The possibility to carry out preventive, conservative, restorative and surgical dental treatments.
  • Of the adult population of Romania.
  • 90% have dental conditions (with a higher frequency in the age range of 41-50 years). 


  • Starting from this reality and taking into account the situation of Romanian dentistry – so far there are only two variants.
  • Regarding dental health services: standard state insurance and subscriptions to private dental clinics – the company OMNIASIG.
  • Asigurari de Viata decided to solve this problem, through Dental Care Private Dental Care.
  • The Dental Care insurance policy provides coverage for three years, and the insurance premium ranges from $ 24 to $ 96 / year.
  • OMNIASIG Life Insurance has created Dental Care, a new alternative to dental insurance, as a response to customer needs.

6 Reasons Why You Choose Dental Care

  •  The Insured has the freedom to choose to be treated by any dentist in Romania.
  • OMNIASIG Life Insurance has approved a group of dentists working according to the high standards, imposed by the insurance company.
  • The selection criteria underpinning cabinet approval are dictated and supervised by our specialists.
  • Insurance premiums are collected by the insurance company directly from the employer and are much lower than subscriptions to private clinics.
  • The number of treatments they make pays physicians. That is why the doctor has the interest to do all necessary therapies.
  • unlike in the case of subscriptions, where the benefit is to reduce them.