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way everyone like to buy dentemax dental insurance?

dentemax wrong not at all or resident  dentemax you know or resident but I just have a big fan of you know talking about this throughout.

the dental school experience so then it’s just normal when it comes to the end right you know you got a first year hey .

This is a thing disability life insurance whatever you’re talking about buying a practice being an associate you know when you’re at the end of your time there’s so many things happening as you blast off into the real world and you know.

I bury Lewinsky is a great guy in this area here who turned me on this article that really changed how I thought about things about a year ago called about decision fatigue right you know just like how many decisions.

You have to make and you know you see it with these fourth-year dental students they’re making so many decisions and when you get fatigued you sometimes say I’ll just worry about this Billy later and then you know you see I mean

I we could talk about this for a minute how often do you run into somebody in your travels that’s a practicing dentist that doesn’t have disability it happens but not as often as you might think a lot of them just what

we see more often is they have it but it’s less relevant than it used to me may go out at ten years ago and ten years later they haven’t updated it that’s really what we see is it doesn’t keep up with their income or

Their expenses in the practice I was like you know star baseball picture but I had some sort of arm surgery and I’m a dentist and now I’m going to get disability does this mean I can never get it does it mean I pay more

I mean I know you you know this like a dentist asking a Dennis what’s the treatment plan for a case without all the information but just giving you just some general talking points let’s say you have had seen

a chiropractor had arm surgery something like that tell us a little bit about how that affects that so when somebody goes through the medical process with disability if they already have some health issues rather than declining you or charge anymore a lot of times they’ll put on what’s called exclusion warding where