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Get Dental Insurance No Waiting Period For Major Services

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period For Major Services

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period For Major Services  IS The muddy Bank you won’t find them you will not they will not be attracted to you they will not they will not show up in on your radar it’s like it’s like trying to find country music when you’re on to a jazz station it’s not that .

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period For Major Services

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period For Major Services

The country music’s not playing it is at the same time but you’ll never hear it because you’re on a different frequency so when you get yourself here you’re never ever held hostage by an employee who won’t do or won’t get you know get in line or doesn’t bring the attitude you’re never ever encumbered by .

That but that’s what I’m saying leadership is about first getting yourself on this strong emotional platform so that you are always at choice and you recognize everyone in your orbit everyone in your sphere of influence is also at choice your spouse your friends your co-workers all of it so your patient you know so so.

When you live in that space and work from that space and lead from that space it’s very different very empowering and of course what we’re trying to do is learn it ourselves so we can be the example to everyone that .

We’re leading we set the example of how to lead from this platform from how to how to lead from clarity and and respecting that people have whatever choices they they have but you’ve made yours I’ve made mine .

I know exactly what type of person I’m willing to work with and who I’m willing to hire and keep on board and pay a salary to in terms of their attitude in terms of their work ethic in terms of their there’s just no question in my employees .

I can promise you  there is no question I remember one time I’ll give some props to my good friend Deborah Englehart gnashed many of your many of your listeners will know her as a fantastic practice management consultant and her husband as a fantastic clinical lecturer and dentist lost Nash but together they run the Nash Institute and so Deborah in one of her lectures and .

I won’t remember what the five things were but she said before when they’re interviewing a new person before they start going through the resume and the application and start talking about the job they have five rules in their practice for determining a good fit a perfect fit they call it and so to determine the perfect fit.

That you you have to be able to line up with these five things I don’t remember what all five were there but I remember that one of them was we only hire adults and she says so for example if we ever had to ask you to put your cell phone away it would not be .

A good fit here it would not be a good fit and we don’t have that written in a manual we don’t have it written if it’s not how we roll we don’t have it all lined out for you so if it would if it would occur to you to be texting on.